Location NVM 2018 – where?


Storfjellveien 12
8530 Bjerkvik
Bjerkvik Football stadium/skatepark

Want to live at the Bjerkvik Sportel, direct on the NVM site? Book by writing an email to: post@leigas.no

Route descriptions and recommendations:)

> Route from Helsinki, Finland to Bjerkvik
> Route to Bjerkvik through Sweden
> Route to Bjerkvik through Norway, from Oslo to Bjerkvik
> Route from the south of Norway, Kristiansand – Bjerkvik, south west coastal road and coast road all the way…

How to Book?


Book yourself:
Hotel, Bjerkvik Hotel: 0047 769 63 090 close to the site, walking distance!

Sportel, Bjerkvik Sportel: 0047 800 43 500 (post@visinor.no) ON the NVM site!

NVM ticket, Tent and Mobile homes:

NVM ticket, Tent and mobile homes – NO problem!
To book this, please fill out the reg. form online later this year on this website.

Note: NVM tickets you must book here on this website later this year and is NOT included in your Hotel prices!