How to Book?


Book yourself:

  • Hotel, Bjerkvik Hotel: 0047 769 63 090 close to the site, walking distance!
  • Sportel, Bjerkvik Sportel: 0047 800 43 500 – ON the NVM site! Book by writing an email to:

NVM ticket:

Earlybirds fee (Thursday – Sunday): NOK 1450,-
(includes dinner Thursday and breakfast Friday)

Entrance fee (Friday – Sunday): NOK 1200,-

Included in price is: Welcome Drink, NVM T-shirt, Patch, DJ, Live Music, Guided Driving, Games, Rewards, Fishing in the fjords and lots of fun:)
Food included in the full price:
Dinner for Friday and Saturday (Served at the site)
Breakfast Saturday and Sunday (Served at the site)

Book NVM ticket here!

Tents and House-Mobiles:

Tents and House-Mobiles can be booked through the NVM booking form along with the NVM tickets.

Boardinghouse and Hotel-rooms must be ordered separately, and directly to:

Hotel, Bjerkvik Hotel: 0047 769 63 090 –


Prices Tent, House-Mobiles:
Tent, Breakfast included (Thursday – Sunday): NOK 500,-
House-Mobile, Breakfast included (Thursday – Sunday): NOK 800,- (includes electricity)

Bjerkvik Sportel, accommodation types:

On the Sportel there is ONLY 1 – so hury to book!  The apartment has 3 double Bedrooms. 1 small bathroom/shower and 1 small kitchen and small main room.

Single rooms:
10 single rooms with toilet/shower

4 Bedrooms:
4 bedrooms (could go for double if you want)
The bedrooms are on second floor, with view to the NVM site and the football field. Common living room/tv room to these 4 rooms. Toilet and Showers in the first floor.